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Whilst we are primarily a sales business, we can sometimes find time to take on certain repairs, such as, roof-resealing using the correct American supplied sealer, damp issues ie leaking roof, leaking windows etc. internal and external panel repairs/replacements due to water damage, ‘blown’ double glazing windows, rot, mould and delamination etc. other works are sometimes taken on dependant on the nature of the issues.

Many RV’s spend a long time standing and will need significant re-commissioning before being used normally again. We can bring an RV back to life after a long storage period, and we have access to all the parts and any other specialised services that may be required.

We have over 23 years RV experience and are working with them every day so we will be able to advise the most realistic way to attend to your RV issues.

Please note, lead times and repair times can vary, and often can take some considerable time, please also note, if you want a quick cheap fix, then we are not the right people to that job – Do it once and DO IT RIGHT!

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